Wish Master – ‘The Waves Coming’ [Review]

Wish Master is a Bristolian barsmith, whose new video for ‘The Waves Coming’ is swelling up to a tsunami. Wish says “I wanted to show my lyrical techniques, syllable patterns and flows.” Jump on and ride the wave.

wish kap

The lyrical MC was recently listed in BBC Music Introducing’s Ones To Watch 2019, and is about to support Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah in November. His mic skills are certainly attracting a lot of attention. According to the the video for ‘The Waves Coming’, Wish Master’s album launch party brought quite a crowd too.

Lifted from his new album Boom Bap To The Future, ‘The Waves Coming’ is a fresh take on a classic sound. The solid single features the talents of fellow Bristol boys Tac and Buggsy, with Simiah holding it down on production with the help of Baileys Brown and Badhabitz.

boom bap to the future

They cooked up this classic at Wish’s home studio in Old Market. He’s a hands-on artist who makes sure to be involved in every aspect of the music process. From sticking up posters, to championing other artists, Wish Master always represents for the scene.

Boom Bap To The Future has been released via Wish Master’s own imprint Official Recordings. They now have a massive mural sprayed up in the streets, dedicated to Wish’s new album.

The full project is available in limited edition vinyl, with few copies left. Stream ‘The Waves Coming (Ft. Tac & Buggsy)’ everywhere now, and peep the video below.

Facebook: @wishmasterOR  Twitter: @wishmaster_or  Instagram: @wishmaster_or

Soundcloud: /wishmaster_or  YouTube: Official Recordings  Bandcamp: Wish Master

Written by: James Wijesinghe

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