Who We Are

Reverberations are persistent reflections of sound. Here at Reverb Music we seek to accomplish the same, but through words rather than vibrations.

We cast influential and interesting perspectives on the most important music within some of your favourite scenes. Exhibiting talents from hip-hop/rap, rock, and electronic and popular music whilst also representing exciting artists from a variety of other genres, Reverb will always be providing you with fresh and diverse sounds. Primarily focusing away from the mainstream, we attempt to provide an insight into those artists who are forging paths and projects that both hold true to their musical roots and break the mould with raw originality.

We aim to both introduce you to incredible tracks that may have missed your radar, and discuss some of the songs that you have had playing on loop in your minds. Similarly, our in-depth track and album reviews will provide informative and detailed discussions of focal music. Variety and quality are two important factors in good music, and since we seek to promote the best sounds, we will also be giving you variety and quality.

Check out our Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and to find our articles first. We hope readers will all tune in to the same frequency and be on the same wavelength. Keep those ears open, you never know what sounds might be out there.

Reverb Music


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