Reverberations are persistent reflections of sound. At Reverb Music we seek to accomplish the same, but through words rather than vibrations.

We support the most important music from some of your favourite scenes, often skewing towards hip hop. With a primary focus on independent artists and musicans, we also display the talents of exciting artists from across the industry. We seek to offer an insight into those artists who represent their musical roots, but break the surface with raw originality. 

We also offer services for artists’ marketing, PR and exposure. Contact us for carefully crafted press releases, artist bios, interviews, and more! Email: reverb.music@outlook.com

Past publicity clients include: Snowy, Potent Funk Records, Dabbla, ETRNL…

Follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest news, and to find our articles first.

Our regularly updated Spotify playlists can be streamed here.

Reverb Music


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