Robbie RAPS – Debut EP [Review]


Coventry MC Robbie Raps has proven his potential with his self-titled debut EP. Complete with rattling trap beats and vulnerable lyrics, he uses the genre not to tell generic tales, but to pen an individual’s unique story.

Nine months in the making, Robbie RAPS is a passionate project and a true introduction to the rapper. It opens with ‘Human On A Mission‘, which lets listeners get to know his determined personality. With beats from producers from across the pond, like Kato On The Track and Chorus Angelo, there are plenty of ringing drill bass lines and clanging hi-hats.

One of the most hypnotic and dark tunes on Robbie RAPS is ‘Deathly Hallows’. Haunting and with hard punchlines, it’s a confident change of pace before the rapper moves into the EP’s closing tracks. ‘I Can’t Stand’ and ‘Chasing A Status’ both focus on the destructive possibilities of obsessive social media use. These bangers end the EP in strong form.

Also, The lyricist claims to have recently had “one of the best days of my entire life.” He won the opportunity to perform at his hometown’s Godiva Festival, where he rammed out the Rhythm Tent. You can watch the full Godiva Festival vlog here, filmed by Jake Michael Christian.


Stream/Download Robbie RAPS everywhere now, and look out for the next instalment of his story soon.

Instagram: @robbieraps

Twitter: @robbieRAPSS

Soundcloud: robbierapsmusic

YouTube: Robbie RAPS

Written by: James Wijesinghe

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