Ray Monsky – To Love You EP [First Listen]

There’s a stage in any successful artist’s story where kids start ripping your songs off the internet and uploading them to their homemade Trap Nation channels. From behind piles of cigarette butts and wine glasses, Ray Monsky has returned with four new tracks to get ‘Bass Boosted’ and shared by millions. We heard them first.


“It sounds like how many relationships feel.”

It’s been over a year since we met up with Ray Monsky for the release of his debut single ‘I’m Too Confident’. Since then, the talented producer and singer has reached more streams than the Amazon river. Now releasing his debut EP, To Love You, the 21 year old’s life is about to get even wilder…

This gutsy project marks Monsky’s move from label Do Better to independence as an artist. Written in his bedroom and abroad around Europe, the EP reflects various aspects of love and lust. Explosive yet intimate, it sounds like how many relationships feel. The first track ‘Try For You’ is a shuddering duet featuring the south’s Megan Isobel. Fueled by luscious vocal harmonies and soaring synth swells, this future bass banger sets the tone for an EP of yearning romance.

“We live in a world of silver linings and chocolate eggs.”

The project was written and produced entirely by Ray Monsky, with a little lyrical help from his sister. Over Easter, he was away from his university studio and without access to monitors for the mixing process. Luckily, we live in a world of silver linings and chocolate eggs. Usual Suspect kindly rented out his equipment in exchange for seasonal treats, and To Love You was finalised.


Ray Monsky wants his music to bring people closer together. He also wants to bring people closer to his music. In his music however, he wants to get closer to people. In the next track ‘Brickwalled Romeo’, Ray tries to break down the emotional blockades set up by a girl who has been hurt too many times. Persistent as a “stubborn romantic”, he says, “You would have to kill me before I give up, just like Romeo”. Was Shakespeare actually being read in the studio? We will never know. But what we do know is that this could be the EP’s greatest song. Building up to a climax of fireworks, the track is as gradual and passionate as the process of perusing his lover.

“You will have to kill me before I give up”

The third tune is where things get filthy, and we’re not just talking about the drops. Much like the girl Ray spots over the brim of his glass, ‘Dirty Russian’ is alluring and mysterious. It focuses on being faithful whilst under the influence, and leads perfectly into the title track ‘To Love You’. The artist’s voice is at the forefront of this slightly more poppy song, but is carried by glistening sounds gliding around the stereo field. With elements of trap, bass and electronic genres, the project is melodic and monumental.


This is a warning before you contract any unexpected feels or noise complaints: To Love You is irresistible, immersive and immense. Released through Vital EDM, Ray Monsky’s debut EP arrives 06.07.18. Listen out.

Pre-order here: Ray Monsky – To Love You

Spotify: Ray Monsky SoundCloud: /raymonsky

Facebook: @theraymonsky Twitter: @theraymonsky Instagram: @ray.monsky

Management: jojodeevoy Bookings: raymonskybookings

Written by: James Wijesinghe

Images: Dane Vandevelde & Ellie McKenna

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