Ray Monsky Returns: ‘IDC’

Returning not only to the music scene but also to Reverb Music, Ray Monsky is back with ‘IDC‘.

Though an acronym for ‘I don’t care’, releasing this single means a significant amount to the singer/producer. In our new video interview he touches on the difficulties he faced during his three year hiatus. But with a full EP around the corner, acting and modelling shoots calling, there’s a lot to learn about the busy, creative life of Ray Monsky.

Here, the multi-talented musician stays close to his future bass background, and proves that a powerful melody can be built in just a bedroom. Genres are out the window though, (as Ray Monsky goes on to explain), since this track and the upcoming project both tailor for a whole variety of flavours.

Where’s he been? Where’s he going? What would he say in Dragons’ Den? Watch the full discussion above and subscribe to our YouTube for more conversations to come. Find something to care about.

Listen to ‘IDC‘ now

Ray Monksy – Pic: Alice Ciftci & Jack River

Ray Monsky: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / SoundCloud

Reverb Music: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify / Soundcloud

Interviewed by: James Wijesinghe

Video editing by: Oliver Fisher Randall & Peter Ropek Hewson

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