Album Anticipations: 2017

It’s been a whole year since our first Album Anticipations! 2016 became a poignant year in the music world; for many incredible reasons along with the heartbreaking ones. We’ve chosen five upcoming albums of 2017 that are sure to be significant landmarks this year.

Joey Bada$$ – A.A.B.A. – (date TBA)


PRO ERA head honcho Joey Bada$$ planned to release his follow-up to B4DA$$ last November. The Brooklyn rapper tweeted stating that the LP will be postponed to early this year “4 perfection”. His first two mixtapes shone for their nostalgic boom-bap essence and with his recent material finding a solid blend of well polished hip-hop and his original sound, this next album is sure to impress. Joey has stated that during 2016 he was sitting on 80 unreleased tracks and would potentially release two full albums in the year. Instead, he kept fans anticipated with a string of bangers such as ‘Ready’ and ‘Devastated’. Take a listen to the fire track ‘Front & Center’ which samples Rodrigo Amarante’s ‘Tuyo’, AKA the Narcos theme tune: 

LCD Soundsystem – (title & date TBA)

lcd-soundsystem-2016-bonnaroo-music-arts-festival-day-2Their reunion shows last year were mind-blowing. However, the band’s Asia and Australia tour was cancelled due to “studio scheduling conflicts related to their new album”. This may have been sad news for some, but the promise of a new LP from the iconic dance-punk project has been an answer to the long-time prayers of many. Their only music in six years was 2015’s track ‘Christmas Will Break Your Heart’. There is little known about main-man James Murphy’s upcoming album plans, except that it’ll be the group’s first record whilst signed to Columbia and is expected to arrive no earlier than the summer. Prepare yourself by taking a listen to the anthem ‘All My Friends’ from their album Sound of Silver:

Mura Masa – To Fall Out of Love To – (date TBA)

mura-masaAlready backed by Spotify, Apple Music and the BBC to be taking over in 2017, UK producer and multi-instrumentalist Mara Masa, (AKA Alex Crossan), is a serious talent. His first EP, Someday Somewhere, established  Crossan as one our most unique and inspiring producers though his merger of delicate electronic pop and trap-flavoured wonky hits. His DIY ethos renders his music thoroughly intimate. When describing his upcoming debut LP, he has referred to it as portraying “various points on the timeline of a love story, told from the perspectives of different people in various relationships, expressed through the medium of difficult, challenging music.” Snippets of what we can expect can be heard in the album’s documentary. Having recently released a remix of his B-side ‘Love$ick’ with a contribution from A$AP Rocky, ‘To Fall Out of Love To’ is expected to host a variety of quality features from artists big and small. 

G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Winter – February


Released in 2012, Cruel Summer was the first full collaborative record from Kanye West’s label and hip-hop collective G.O.O.D. Music. Since then, artists on the roster such as Desiigner, Pusha T, Travis Scott and  Kanye himself have had their own individual successes whilst still constantly collaborating. The sequel Cruel Winter is expected soon. It will feature every artist currently associated with the record label; including production credits given to Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest and nearly every high-profile producer in the game. Mid-2016 saw the release of ‘Champions (Round & Round)’, G.O.O.D. Music’s only official posse track of the year. The hard tune is set to appear on Cruel Winter along with new signings Tyga and Migos. Plus, the G.O.O.D. Music family will headline the first Fyre Festival in the Bahamas where the rich can ski, snorkel and skank-out together on a private island. With commercial hip-hop dominating the charts, it’s guaranteed that this album will make a strong print on 2017. 

The Japanese House – (title & date TBA)

10-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-japanese-house-1446031719The Japanese House is the mysterious moniker of the talented Amber Bain. Having released a succession of three impressive EPs in little over a year, (Pools To Bathe In, Clean and Swim Against The Tide), the allusive artist has been caressing listeners’ ears with dreamy electronic pop. Produced by, (and often paralleled to), The 1975, her sound is similarly glistening with pretty guitars and heavenly synths. She even toured in support of the band through 2017. Despite being on the road, she penned tracks for her debut LP, which she has sarcastically described as “Oh, just another uplifting club hit!” – acknowledging her melancholic and introspective tendencies. With the project now encompassing a full band, the potential for The Japanese House has only increased. Bain’s shoegazey sound has already been a favourite in many’s playlists. So as her album comes into brilliant fruition, her harmonies of sometimes “200 layers” will no doubt be looped on radio this year.

Honourable Mentions 

  • Leaf Dog – Dyslexic Disciple – (date TBA)

  • Turnover – (title & date TBA)

  • The xx – I See You – January 13

  • Gorillaz – (title & date TBA)

  • Logic – ArficAryaN – (date TBA)

Written by: James Wijesinghe

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