CAPRIISUN – A Fleeting Now [Review]

On his UK debut, Group BraCil’s CAPRIISUN says life is short but you can make it sweet.

Artwork: Nicole Duvall

As drinks go, Capri-Suns seem as far from hip hop as Jägerbombs are from gospel. However, Oregon’s CAPRIISUN has set out to prove that every child’s favourite juice-pouch can really rap. His latest album A Fleeting Now just dropped via Morriarchi‘s label Group BraCil and is dubbed ‘a hypnotic lo-fi journey through the multiverse’.

The American MC’s unmistakable voice has been rattling around the UK underground for a good few years, most recently heard on CLBRKS‘s two Blah Records albums and Lee Scott‘s ffsman EP. That’s all beside his collaborations with Wun Two, Mr Slipz and p-rallel. A Fleeting Now is CAPRII’s second full-length record, following Juniper 2 which was released through Celestial Blue Records last year. To maintain his spring evening sound, CAPRII has brought on-board many of the same producers this time round, offering dreamy backdrops for performing his poetic pirouettes.

At a little over 20 minutes in length, the 12-track project doesn’t waste any time. On track one CAPRIISUN gets going from the off, bursting out of a muted filter into full-bodied brilliance. Then there’s ‘Fortune’, (now with an accompanying music video), a tune where CAP’s grasp of vowel sounds and syllables comes into full effect. There are no hooks here; you’ll struggle to find a song structured in the traditional sense. He’ll hook you with his verses instead.

Omar Bmar‘s plucked guitar loops sound like wind chimes on ‘Brittany’, and seeing as he handles much of the album’s production, that summer breeze smell never strays. Single ‘Celeste’ comes next, a tune premiered by LOUDHOUSE for it’s video shot in Spain and Idntrmbr‘s key-rich instrumental. A Fleeting Now resembles our limited present, the constantly moving immediate moment that slips past as soon as we think it’s in our hands. This might be best expressed by the tituar interlude, where CAP steps back and leaves space for poignant samples, including lines from Hermann Hesse‘s ‘Wandering’, in which the narrator reflects on the brevity of human life.

Before you know it, you’re hit with stand-out track ‘Aperol Spritz’. CAPRIISUN’s delivery is staccato and sticky like spilt liqour, opening up the album’s second half with fun flows and rhyme schemes. ‘Lilac’ sounds like the colour itself, and for funk-infused flavours, stream ‘Vision After The Sermon’ produced by Tides, who laced CAP’s feature on CLBRKS’ classic cassette tape, Pergeuot Music Vol. 1.

Spinning and psychedelic, you might have already heard his recent single ‘Swirl’, complete with animated visuals from Marcus Nobel. CAPRII’s bars spiral like the mandalas he describes, leading into the smooth electric organ of ‘Frieze’. Then, the sun setting swiftly, we’re gifted with closing track ‘Nightfall’. CAP’s bars don’t seem to end, instead they fade out as if continuing on forever. And just like that, the now is gone.

A Fleeting Now was mixed and mastered by the bossman Morriarchi, so you know it’s perfectly suitable for spreading on toast. Vinyl editions include two bonus tracks not featured on digital versions of the album, but the limited run of Obi Strip vinyls have already sold out. The time is now.

Stream A Fleeting Now

CAPRIISUN: Instagram / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Spotify

Reverb Music: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

Written by: James Wijesinghe

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