Soundcheck #13: Radiosaurus

That thunder you heard wasn’t from the sky, it was from these guys. After recruiting a new drummer and an inflatable T-Rex, Radiosaurus’ records are roaring. We discuss everything from loud noises to anarchist stamp collectors, and why even Beethoven was a rock star.

Soundchecks are all about checking out new sounds behind the scenes. In these exclusive chats with bands, producers, rappers, singers and musicians, those upcoming artists that deserve the spotlight get a chance to shine.

Radiosaurus (7).jpg
You guys often battle with Pokémon cards. Which Pokémon would you most like to have with you in day-to- day life?
“We have been known to enjoy a battle in the past, I don’t know if I’d stretch to often, but much like our love of antiquated music genre’s, a bit of nostalgia now and then is always good fun. Day-to-day Pokemon care would be the worst though surely? Always saying their own name over and over? I guess we’d take a Charizard as they were pretty cool, free stage pyro effects is a bonus, plus he’s one of the O.G. 150, the only Pokemon that count.”
Fans are always salivating at the sound of more Radiosaurus performances. Do you think more artists need to up their live game?
“I think we’re actually quite lucky to have bands that put 100% into their live shows around us, it definitely adds to the experience and pushes us to up our game! We’ve always really enjoyed the fun of playing live and we guess we’d like to think our fans ‘salivate’ at the idea of our performances. Realistically if we can put on a show that we’re happy with, bring a smile to some faces or meet some new friends then we’ve done our job. As far as I’m concerned you can’t do that without giving your all on stage.
“That said, we also have to prepare for places like Torquay where somehow it always devolves into a weird conversation between us and the shit-faced bloke stood at the front swaying back and forth with a Carling in hand, once that was a debate about the pros and cons of ironing your clothes.”

“Swaying back and forth with a Carling in hand.”

Last year’s Sleep Away The Sun EP was solid. What was the hardest part of creating that?
“Probably the hardest part was letting go of everything that came before that EP. We’d been running with a lot of tracks we weren’t all completely happy with, but had sort of become attached to. When we started to put Sleep Away The Sun together, we decided it was time to find our sound, to create something coherent and to wow everyone including ourselves in the process. That meant being pretty brutal about what had come before, chopping away parts that didn’t fit that new sense of focus. When we started Radiosaurus we were a bunch of loud musicians without a genre or direction. Sleep Away The Sun helped us find what we were as a band (as disgustingly cliche as that sounds!)”
As the EP is the first part of an overarching story for a future concept album, what does that narrative entail?
“We do think that albums should have a narrative, it helps the coherence of the music, it was something we got really into early on and suddenly we were playing songs about wolves, bears and sharks that were thinly veiled metaphors for socialist ideals and dystopian futures, It got a bit much. With Sleep Away The Sun we wanted to write controversial love songs, we wanted to say things we probably shouldn’t have said. Songs like ‘Something About You‘ and ‘Love is a Poison‘ are based on Motown and Soul style melody structures but with an obviously darker twist.
Going forward I think things will take a bit of an introspective feel, there’s going to be a lot of dynamic, probably quieter tracks but contrasted with way rowdier tracks too! It’s going to be good, but the bears and convoluted story-lines are a thing of the past!”

“The bears and convoluted story-lines are a thing of the past.”

‘Something About You’ – Radiosaurus:

What are your thoughts on people saying that Hip-Hop is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll?
“Anything can be the new Rock ‘n’ Roll if you believe in it enough. If you’re at a stamp collectors conference and suddenly all the stamps read “Fuck the system” and the keynote speaker is smashing back tequila and telling the security where to shove their first edition collections, then suddenly those stamp collectors are the new Rock ‘n’ Roll.
That’s because being “Rock ‘n’ Roll” doesn’t belong to a music genre. Playing with heavily distorted guitars and obnoxiously loud amps is no more or no less “Rock ‘n’ Roll” than ear shatteringly low bass lines in hip-hop, the political activism of acoustic artists or the intense discipline of classical musicians.
“Also, we’re terrible judges of what is and isn’t Rock ‘n’ Roll in Radiosaurus, we enjoy olives, craft beer, cheese-boards and photos of cats doing adorable things.”
You’ve played with our friends The Dirty Dead a few times now. Which other bands are you keen to play with?
“We’re keen now to try and play support slots for slightly bigger touring bands (so if you’re reading this Josh Homme, get in touch). Otherwise though we want to just try and play with as many cool bands in the same position as us as we can. The plan is also to try and branch out to playing further afield, so as well as ‘which bands’ it’s a bit of ‘which city‘.”

“Drink too much beer and try not to fuck up any of the solos.”

Radiosaurus (15)

Next up you’re playing at Red Stripe’s ‘This Feeling’ along with some other great bands (02.02.18). What’s the plan there?
“Turn up our amps, drink too much beer and try not to fuck up any of the solos.
There’s never really a plan, it’s just about playing to the crowd we have and enjoying ourselves. If we’re playing to five people and the bar girl we’re not gonna be setting our guitars on fire like Hendrix, we’d look like absolute dicks. But if the crowd is good and into it, then we’ll get into it too. It’ll be rowdy, we’ll be loud and then we’ll be drinking an impressive amount through the rest of the bands sets (we never leave early!)”
What’s next for Radiosaurus?
“Next is to keep writing for a new EP. We have no idea how long it’ll take to write or when we’re recording it though, so hopefully it’ll be this year but if it needs more time, then it’ll take as long as it takes. You’ll be hearing a brand new single released from us really soon and a few other cool things we’ve got planned.
“It continues to surprise us just how much we get done or come along in such a short amount of time. We’ve been going for a few years but it’s only really in the last year that it’s stepped up a notch for us. We’re aiming a lot higher and we’re getting it right a lot more often. Mostly the plan though is to just make some loud, loud noise and have fun doing so, what else is there to do on a Saturday night really?”


Facebook: @radiosaurusband

Twitter: @RadiosaurusBand

Soundcloud: /radiosaurusband




Interviewed by: James Wijesinghe

Photos: @craigtaylorb

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