Soundcheck #12: Rame

Head honcho of East Mids Repper and Reloaded Events, Rame is one of Nottingham’s most dynamic Grime MCs. His next event [18.11.17] will be supporting the Movember Foundation as well as a variety of crazy talent. We catch some exclusive news on his forthcoming tracks and learn how to put on a rave…

Soundchecks are all about checking out new sounds behind the scenes. In these exclusive chats with bands, producers, rappers, singers and musicians, those upcoming artists that deserve the spotlight get a chance to shine.

DSC_0608Which producers/MCs would you most want to jump on a track with?

“MCs would be Ghetts, Ten Dixon, Jaykae, Jon E Clayface (again) and AK. Producers would be Trends, Boylan, Vukes, FOZO and Jook.”

Every genre within 140 BPM is popping right now. Is the hype of Bassline helping the Grime scene too?

“I personally wouldn’t say it is no. The two genres have been around for long enough now to reach that established level by themselves. With the current surge of MCs, producers and DJs in the scene right now, Grime and Bassline are two of the healthiest/outstanding genres in my opinion.”

“I wrote and recorded the track the same weekend.”

‘Reloaded’ is a sick new track you dropped with Hunt & Hypnotik. What’s the story behind that?

“Respect! Myself and Hunt & Hypnotik released a track via 3000Bass earlier in the year called ‘Nang’ and after reaching 10,000 plays reasonably fast – we decided to put our second release out together. The idea for the actual concept was quite simple, as soon as I got the beat from H&H, I wrote and recorded the track the same weekend. Dima mixed my vocals (as he always does) with H&H finalising the master version. We also have a VIP of ‘Reloaded’ being released sometime in the future.”

Reloaded is also the name of your mad new event. What are your plans for the next night with Dislokate headlining?

“Our next night is on Saturday 18th November at Red Bar in Nottingham. As you say, Dislokate is headlining with Morza, Plattsy B2B Rome, Prince Yelz, Chatta and StormGG B2B Rubz, with MCs Fren7y and KayGee also on the night.  Reloaded is a monthly event, situated in the heart of Nottingham facing the world famous Rock City and is also free entry, (for now). We have a lot of plans for Reloaded but right now, I can’t say too much as we’re in the middle of expanding and generating new ideas.”

Reloaded Final FlyerWhat’s been the toughest aspect of setting up a rave?

“I’ll be real, this is something I thought about and wanted to do for years but it was another idea I put to the back of my mind. Eventually, being around the right set of people with the same mind frames and motivation is when we put plans into action. For those who don’t know, I own and manage Reloaded Events with Corey (StormGG) and the way I see it is: teamwork divides the task and multiples the success. As of yet, we haven’t hit any brick walls due to being well organised and ensuring the communication stays healthy. For me, the toughest part is having to wait four weeks each time for our events as they are that sick!”

“Teamwork divides the task and multiples the success.”

Nottingham has a crazy music scene. How does your label East Mids Repper contribute to the thriving scene?

“One of the expectations we agreed on when starting East Mids Repper was that we would contribute to the highest standard. Not only do we release tracks/mixes from MCs, producers and DJs in the East Midlands, we have artists from all over England as well as Wales and Canada that have released under us. Admittedly, one of the focal points for East Mids Repper was and still is that we want to define the sound from this side of the border. We have ADeeks, Gully Green, BDiz and myself as the MCs, Kronzy and Hunt & Hypnotik as producers, then StormGG, Dima, Plattsy and Rome as DJs, finally with Tye as a visual specialist.”

DSC_0788What’s next for Rame?

“With the managing and organisation behind Reloaded, East Mids Repper and myself as an MC, it’s all about finding the time and having patience to focus on all three things. For Rame, anyone that knows me personally will know that I’ve always got ideas and I’m always hopeful of keeping the consistency there. As mentioned earlier, I’m currently sitting on a VIP of ‘Reloaded’ and a third release with me and Hunt & Hypnotik is imminent. I don’t like revealing too much, so I’ll end with saying I have a second release with Brighton based producer Noble which is currently untitled and release date still to be confirmed/announced.”

Soundcloud – /rameonline

Twitter – @RameOnline

Facebook – @eastmidsrepresenter

Instagram – @ramestagram

Interviewed by: James Wijesinghe

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