Soundcheck #8: Savvy

Soundcheck is all about checking out new sounds. In these exclusive chats with bands, producers, rappers, singers and musicians, those upcoming artists that deserve the spotlight get a chance to shine.

Savvy AKA Asaviour, is a rapper, producer, designer, label/social enterprise owner and full-time mogul. We talk music, productivity and how “nobody really gives a shit.”savvy-85What has been the best decision you’ve made in 2017 already?

“I guess at the moment it would be getting back in the saddle and putting a new solo project out.”

Your new single ‘The Only Way I Know’ is in all senses a track of determination and drive. What’s the story behind its creation?

“Yeap that’s it, my album is a sort of struggle between logic and emotion. I’ve been somewhat disillusioned with the music industry and I guess this single is a bit of a proclamation. No crazy story really, I would say the track took a while to make, generally I make stuff fairly quickly but this track seemed to call me back playing around with ideas, all in all the track took about two years to make…”

What have been your favourite collaborations?

“Ooh that’s hard to call I wouldn’t say I have a favourite, but different collabs have been fun. I’ve worked a lot with DJ IQ (Luke Storey) and Jehst, working with Bloc Party and Athlete was cool, erm to be honest all of the different artists I’ve worked with have be great experiences. I guess I just enjoy the process.” 

There’s no denying you work hard. What is Saving Grace and The Saving Grace Collective?

“Well Saving Grace works in twofold: 1) Saving Grace Music which is my label imprint, and 2) The Saving Grace Collective a social enterprise working with young people from different backgrounds and circumstances in the local community.” (Find out more)


As an artist with as much experience in the scene as you, what has been the most important thing you’ve learnt or realised so far?

“Nobody really gives a shit. The game doesn’t owe you a living and time waits for no man, woman or child, lol.” 

What’s next for Savvy?

“Some more music, visuals, clothing, a little tour and a full-length LP later this year… Keep your eyes peeled.”

Spotify: Asaviour SoundCloud: /savvy  Twitter: @iam_savvy  Facebook: @savvyakaasaviour

Interviewed by: James Wijesinghe

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