Soundcheck #1 – Bevan. & XIVUS

Soundcheck is all about checking out new sounds. In these exclusive chats with young bands, producers, rappers, singers and musicians, those upcoming artists that deserve the spotlight get a chance to shine.


We speak with the magical producer Bevan. whose glistening tracks are so intricately constructed that they should be hanging in galleries.943780_836346576469251_7762542892113315402_n

If Bevan. was in a lift with record label scouts, what would your quick pitch be?
“I wouldn’t have a pitch just a simple touch n go grab dat email and we out.”

Having recently put out another incredible remix, this time of Estelle and Kanye’s ‘American Boy’, what made you want to rework that nostalgic chart track in particular?
“My old flat mates actually asked me to remix american boy, i was totally down because the original has some great potential within it’s composition and musicality e.g. dat sweet, sweet chord progression, it’s a really well written R&B classic, a staple in contemporary R&B.”

Hear it here: Bevan. – Garçon Américain

Which artists from genres contrasting to yours would you love to work with?
“Ermmm, hard to say in terms of contrasting genres because I’m not really set in one genre myself! but if I could ever work with anyone it would be Nao, Jai & Anup, of course Mura, Izzy Bizu is really cool, Jadu Heart are really, really great. I’ve got a few trap instrumentals that have been laying around on my hard drive for the past year or so, that I haven’t sent to anyone or showed anyone really…but I’d like to get some tracks out to rappers at some point, some pham type stuff… Appeal to a different demographic…”

What’s next for Bevan.?
I just rounded up a huge writing/recording process and I’m now sitting on like five or six tracks that will compile into another EP, they’re all demos  and in the mixing stage right now, but I’ve got to say it’s genuinely is the best music I’ve ever written and I can’t wait to see what happens and what people think of my ‘new sound’ lol.  Playing some shows this year and next, finally! So kinda nervous for those but it will be really cool regardless. But to round this question of this new EP  isn’t a display of the best tracks I’ve written all compiled into one set list, it’s an outpouring and reflection of stuff that’s happened in my life recently I like to think, that’s why everything came so quickly. I wrote a new song everyday for a week it was literally incredible. It’s a collection of songs that are honest and well written, with elements taken from my entire musical background, I worked with some cool new people in Brighton on this EP and their opinions and help have really really aided me.

soundcloud /bevanmusiq  youtube Bevan.  facebook @bvnaa  twitter @bevanmusiq


Tom from Welsh indie rock band XIVUS takes some time out from studio time to tell us where his energetic band stand.

If XIVUS were in a lift with record label scouts, what would your quick pitch be?
“”Hey guys, I promise to make your loads of money if you sign us.” They only care about money nowadays it seems. We’d love to sign to a label that seemed to care about the music rather than the money, and if we’re ever granted then opportunity then I really hope we do.”
What’s the story behind the creation your recent single ‘Teeth’?
“I was sitting in work, I had roughly ten minutes left, and I was watching the music video for Palma Violets’ ‘Best of Friends’. The whole energy of it really inspired me, and made me really want to create something similar; high energy, fun, fast. And so we made ‘Teeth’.”
Hear it here: XIVUS – Teeth
Which other artists within indie rock would you love to work with?
“There’s a bunch of people who’ve inspired us and whom we’d love to work alongside. The likes of Peace, The Magic Gang, The Wytches, Foals, Swim Deep, and JAWS are all favourites of mine. Jack and me are both big fans of Pretty Vicious, too.”
What’s next for XIVUS?
Well, we’ve spent a lot of time in the studio creating a bunch of new music which will be released in the near future. We’re also very keen to start touring the UK, and we hope to get onto the festival scene in 2017. Oh, and make some sick merch, too.”
Written and interviewed by: James Wijesinghe


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