Adventures – Supersonic Home

A recent album review Reverb wrote for Exeposé’s albums of the year.

Released in February 2015, indie rock quintet Adventures debuted with an album of wintery tones but encapsulated in an atmosphere of spring – most evident in the LP’s more indie tracks. Supersonic Home has allowed three members of Code Orange to both display emotions and cover topics not typically associated with the genre of their regular hardcore band. Influenced heavily by ’90’s emo and indie rock, this albumadventures is clearly a tribute to its inspirations. The album is a Jimmy Eat World and The Cranberries hybrid, with Reba Meyer’s vocals generating gentle harmonies despite her strained voice before some hard vocals. Her distinctive inflections, along with Joe Goldman’s male backing vocals, produce sweet duets of heartfelt sentiment. Bass lead but delicate, the album’s penultimate track ‘Long Hair’ glistens and forms an endearing song perfect for backing romantic summer gallivants. While the album’s instrumentation is predominantly clean and well mixed, occasionally a track’s structure can appear a little simple due to basic layers and persistently punchy bass guitar. However, it is the band’s ability to conjure catchy hooks and honour heavy chords that solidifies interest in this project. Complete with tracks that would not feel lost in Brand New or Transit albums, Supersonic Home delivers an affectionate angst common within the genre. This in fact is the album’s fatal flaw since nothing unique is really put forward by Adventures. Without being able to majorly inspire future bands itself, Supersonic Home can be regarded as a modern homage to the emo and indie rock bands the members grew up admiring. Nevertheless, Adventures does make a statement for aspiring female vocalists in alternative music as Meyer grants girls what she once had in Paramore’s Hayley Williams.


Written by: James Wijesinghe

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